Dionne Bailey

Picture of Dionne Bailey
Graduate Research Assistant

Dionne is from the great state surrounded by lakes, Michigan. Prior to Dionne’s matriculation into the University of Minnesota’s Health Services Research, Policy and Management program, she attended Howard University as a student-athlete and received her bachelors in Human Performance with a concentration in Sports Medicine. Following, she attended Morehouse School of Medicine where she received her Master’s in Public Health. She has research interest in health and racial equity, gentrification, and aging.

Research Interests

Gentrification is the disruption of one’s neighborhood, so many people and institutions are unwillingly met with the challenges of rising rent prices that can force them to abandon the place that they have called home for many years. The disruption and the influx of new residents dissolve the cohesion that the neighborhood once had. I would like to explore how gentrification leads to the disruption of social cohesion and its impact on the health of Black older adults in the twin cities.