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Life Course Center Membership (UMN)

The Life Course Center (LCC) members comprise an interdisciplinary group of scholars from the University of Minnesota - this includes faculty, postdocs, researchers, and graduate students. The Advisory Board reviews and approves memberships. To become a member, complete this application form.

Life Course Center Affiliate Membership (Outside the University of Minnesota) 

An individual outside the University of Minnesota is eligible to become an Affiliate member of the Life Course Center if:

  • You are a faculty member, researcher, or postdoc at an academic institution without NIH-funded population or aging centers and are actively engaged in research that fits within the LCC’s themes; or
  • You are a researcher at a non-academic research institution who is conducting research in line with LCC’s research themes (include link to themes) and would like to build collaborations through becoming an affiliate.
  • Your research focuses on one of the three research themesLater Life-Course Population Trends in Context; Life-Course Dynamics as Disparity Mechanisms; Interrelationships of Work, Family, Community Participation, and Health.

Benefits of becoming a Life Course Center Affiliate  include opportunities to:

  • Participate in seminars and workshops sponsored by the Life Course Center
  • Disseminate your research through the Life Course Center Working Paper Series
  • Apply for funding through a Life Course Center Pilot Grant
  • Have research outputs highlighted in Life Course Center publications, such as the website, newsletters, and annual reporting.

If you are interested in applying for affiliate membership, please email [email protected].