Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


At the Life Course Center, we believe that the creation of a diverse and inclusive community is central to maintaining the excellence of all of our projects. Our definition of diversity extends beyond race and gender and includes socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity and expression, and more. As a center, we aspire to represent the diversity of our city, our region, and our world and to create a space that encourages and embraces inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and respect.


In 2020, we received funding from the National Institute on Aging to become a P30 Center on the Demography and Economics of Aging. The intellectual focus of LCC-supported research reflects our commitment to investigations focusing on the social, economic, and environmental contexts shaping disparities in aging. An explicit goal is to increase the diversity of the scholars who engage with LCC and the broader community of scholars who study aging. One way we will do that is by supporting and nurturing the development of scholars from underrepresented groups with interests in aging.

P30 funding provides support for a new initiative, the Network for Data-Intensive Research on Aging (NDIRA). NDIRA seeks to build and support an interdisciplinary research community using novel data collections for research on population aging. The NDIRA initiative explicitly seeks to increase diversity by engaging new users in this research space and increasing equity by lowering barriers to using complex data in which LCC members have expertise, and connecting NDIRA members to build community. 

LCC members regularly serve as mentors for research projects through the Diversity Fellowship Program hosted by our home institute (the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation). This program is designed to help recruit underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students to work on data infrastructure projects that are leveraged by the NDIRA initiative or with LCC member faculty on demographic and economics of aging research projects.