These seminars are designed for researchers studying issues at the intersections of topics related to the life course and demography. Seminars are held during both the fall and spring semesters. All seminars are hybrid with in person speakers and audience as well as a Zoom option for attending remotely. The University of Minnesota community and friends of the Life Course Center are welcome to attend.

The Zoom link for all seminars is:

All seminars are 12:15 - 1:15 PM Central Time in 50 Willey Hall Seminar Room (unless otherwise noted). 

Spring 2023 Seminar Series 

January 23 

“It’s None of Their Damn Business”: Privacy and Disclosure Control in the U.S. Census, 1790-2022

Steve Ruggles and Diana Magnuson - Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation, University of Minnesota  |  Watch the Recording


January 30 

The Impacts of Climate Change on Malaria Risk in Mozambique

Kelly Searle - Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota School of Public Health

  |  Watch the Recording


February 6 

Memory Loss/Dementia in African Immigrants: What Do We Know?

Manka Nkimbeng - Division of Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota School of Public Health  |  Watch the Recording


February 13

Introducing EdSHARe: Education, Racism, Dementia, and the Potential of Repurposing Two Education Cohort Studies (HSB and NLS72) for Aging Research

John Robert "Rob" Warren - Sociology, University of Minnesota  |  Watch the Recording


February 20

Leveraging Developmental and Behavioral Genetic Approaches to Understand Ethnic/Racial Minoritized Adolescents’ Resilience

Juan Del Toro - Psychology, University of Minnesota  |  Watch the Recording


February 27

Early Life Stress and Emerging Cardiometabolic Risk in Youth

Alicia Kunin-Batson - University of Minnesota Medical School


March 13

Discrimination & Adolescent/ Young Adult Development: Identity, Sleep & Health

Tiffany Yip - Psychology, Fordham University


March 20

Caregiving and Labor Force Participation: New Evidence from Administrative Data

Yulya Truskinovsky - Economics, Wayne State University


March 27 - 28

Minnesota Population Center Barnraising Event: Person, Place, and Policy: Understanding Health Equity Implications of a Changing Abortion Landscape


April 3

Applying for an NIH/NIA Grant: Guidance on Process, Policy, and Funding Priorities

Emerald Nguyen - Program Officer at the National Institute on Aging (NIA)


April 10

Introduction to Machine Learning for Human Development and Family Research

Xiaoran Sun - Family Social Science, University of Minnesota


April 17

Urban Care Infrastructures and Heat Risk in Mexico

Landy Sanchez - Centro de Estudios Demográficos Urbanos y Ambientales (CEDUA), El Colegio de México


April 24

Biological age (BA): The Influence of Physiological, Genetic, and Epigenetic States

Hiram Beltran-Sanchez - Department of Community Health Sciences, Fielding School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles 


May 1

The Immune System and the Brain: What Can They Tell Us About Racism and Chronic Disease Risk?

Bridget Goosby - Sociology, University of Texas at Austin



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