The Life Course Center (LCC) at the University of Minnesota is an incubator for innovative research on the demography and economics of aging. As an NIA-supported University-wide cooperative, LCC recruits and fosters connections among researchers across disciplines; develops leading-edge collaborative pilot studies on aging contexts, trends, dynamics, and disparities; provides technical and administrative support for research development; and supports a research network to leverage large-scale population data to advance interdisciplinary scholarship on social determinants and contexts of aging and health.

Life course studies encompass all stages of life from birth to death. Affiliated faculty use a wide range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches, including qualitative and quantitative work, historical studies of the life course in different periods, comparative work that spans diverse societal contexts, and applied, policy-relevant research.

The University of Minnesota Life Course Center is one of twelve Demography and Economics of Aging Centers funded by the National Institute on Aging (P30AG066613).

We are a proud member of the University of Minnesota Consortium on Aging.

Research Themes

  • Later Life-Course Population Trends in Context
  • Life-Course Dynamics as Disparity Mechanisms
  • Interrelationships of Work, Family, Community Participation, and Health