Student & PostDoc Funding


LCC has limited funds available to support professional development for student and postdoctoral members (see here how to become an LCC member). These requests could include funds to attend workshops, courses, books, training sessions, or academic conferences that support research that fits with the LCC mission. Special consideration will be given to student and postdoc members whose research is aging related as well as those who have matching funds to support their travel. A reminder to apply for funding before the conference/training, etc...occurs. 

To request professional development support, send an email to with the following information:[email protected]

  1. briefly describe your request 
  2. include an itemized budget 
  3. if attending a conference, are you on the program
  4. where else are you applying for funding  


All travelers are responsible for complying with University travel policies.

TRAVEL TO Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and the Population of America (PAA) Annual Meetings

We are especially interested in supporting student and postdoc travel to the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and Population Association of America (PAA) annual meetings. The highest funding priority is given to students who have a poster or paper on the program. We also consider requests from those not on the program, with higher priority given to those who have never attended GSA/PAA. Students who receive travel support are required to work at the LCC/MPC/NDIRA/IPUMS exhibit booth. To receive travel funding you must be an LCC member.  An email with information about how to request funds will be sent well in advance of each meeting. Become an LCC Member.


After traveling, please submit for reimbursement your travel expenses through the University's Chrome River system. Chrome River can be accessed through --> Key Links--> U Travel --> Chrome River Login. You will need to image your itemized receipts for upload into Chrome River. For instructions how to use Chrome River review the Job Aids on the UTravel webpage. For additional help, contact Kyle Casello at [email protected].

All reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days of the end of your travel.