Writing Support

The Life Course Center offers a variety of opportunities to refine papers and receive substantive feedback in a supportive research setting


Paper Surgery Groups bring together five to six faculty, staff and graduate student members from across the disciplines to provide writing support and feedback on group members' writing. The goal of the groups is to produce high-quality population studies research papers ready for publication (or dissertation). Groups generally meet once a month to review one member's paper. Papers are circulated at least one week before each meeting to allow group members time to read and provide thoughtful feedback. Procedures and practices may vary slightly from group to group.


In conjunction with the MPC, the LCC hosts biweekly Writing Hunkers to provide a dedicated time and space for writing through the shared accountability of working in a group setting. There will be snacks!

Writing Hunkers meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month from 1:00-4:00 in Room 29. You can join either in person or via Zoom here: https://umn.zoom.us/j/97334067515 


Paper Hatchling brings together a small group of faculty, research staff, and student members to assist individual members with the early stages of paper and grant design. Each week one members signs up to pitch a new paper idea to fellow researchers who provide feedback on project design, theoretical framing, data, and methods. You may sign up to present a paper idea or to listen and provide feedback on a new paper idea. Come with an idea you can briefly describe, and a group of experienced researchers will help you pinpoint gaps in the literature, design your project, operationalize variables, or locate data. This is intended to be an incubator space for new ideas, so think of it as a very safe space for rough ideas.

Paper Hatchlings are scheduled a couple times a semester on Fridays. 


The ISRDI Program Development team offers one-to-one writing support for all faculty, staff, and graduate student members working on population studies-related research publications and grant proposals. Our team can provide assistance at any phase in the writing cycle, from conceiving and outlining a new paper or proposal to addressing a revise and resubmit. Need a final copy edit? We can help with that too!

To learn more about writing support services, please contact [email protected].