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“It’s about a Life Worth Living”: Rosalie A. Kane, PhD, Pioneer of Quality of Life Measurement in Long-Term Care

Commentary by Joseph E. Gaugler and Tetyana P. Shippee in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work

Dr. Kane’s legacy is celebrated in the Journal of Gerontological Social Work, highlighting her significant scholarly achievements in the measurement of quality of life in long-term care. This commentary synthesises Dr. Kane’s groundbreaking work in this area. It summarizes how her study of the measurement of quality of life served as the foundation for significant practice/policy advancements. Dr. Kane has achieved her ultimate aspiration: the elevation of quality of life as the central concern when selecting, using, delivering, and valuing long-term care.

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Picture of Mark LeeMark Lee

Mark Lee is a member of the LCC Advisory Board. As a new Senior Data Analyst at ISRDI, Mark studies population trends and disparities in dementia from a life course perspective. He was a predoctoral trainee in the population studies (2017-2019) and population health (2019-2021). Mark primarily works with health and aging surveys (e.g., WLS, HRS) that have been linked to the 1940 Census to study the long-term impact of early life exposures. His dissertation focuses on describing and explaining recent declines in age-specific dementia prevalence in the United States. His recent scholarship has appeared in journals such as Epidemiology and PloS One.


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