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Research Snapshot

Shippee leads new study 

The research led by Associate Professor Tetyana Shippee includes documenting trends in the services used or desired by clients and the factors related to how satisfied they are with their care.

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The Life Course Center (LCC) at the University of Minnesota is an incubator for innovative research on the demography and economics of aging. The LCC recruits and fosters connections among researchers across disciplines; develops leading-edge collaborative pilot studies on aging contexts, trends, dynamics, and disparities; provides technical and administrative support for research development; and supports a research network to leverage large-scale population data to advance interdisciplinary scholarship on social determinants and contexts of aging and health.

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Fall 2020 Seminars are scheduled! They will all be virtual this semester. 


Social Structure and Locus of Control Across the Life Course
Melissa Hardy  |  Zoom Link


Current Population Survey Microdata from IPUMS: New Developments and Future Plans

Sarah Flood  |  Zoom Link


Creating and Using Measures of Structural Racism: A Panel Discussion

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Time Use and Emotional Wellbeing of Family Caregivers: The Role of Dementia 

Vicki Freedman |  Zoom Link

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Member Highlight

Picture of Glenn RoismanLCC Board Member
Glenn Roisman is a new member of the Life Course Center Advisory Board! A Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Associate Director of the Institute of Child Development, Roisman’s work includes the achievement gap, adolescents and youth, adulthood, assessment and evaluation, child care, culture, cross-culture, families and parenting, genetics and epigenetics, infancy, infant and early childhood mental health, lifespan, relationships (peer, parent, and romantic partner), resilience, social and emotional development.


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