Advisory Board

The LCC Advisory Board is responsible for approving new members of the Center, nominating new directors, amending the LCC By-Laws, and providing advice to the Director and Associate Director on all aspects of LCC management. The Advisory Board consists of nine Members elected by the LCC membership. Advisory Board Representatives must be members of the Center. There are three categories of Representatives: (1) MPC faculty and P&A members who are not primarily employed by the Center; (2) ISRDI research staff; and (3) graduate student and postdoctoral members.



Sarah Flood, LCC Director and IPUMS Research Scientist 

Gina Rumore, ISRDI Research Development Director 



Susan Everson-Rose, Medical School (term expires summer 2023)

Joseph Gaugler, Health Policy & Management (term expires summer 2022)

Carrie Henning-Smith, Health Policy & Management (term expires summer 2023)

Glenn Roisman, Institute of Child Development (term expires summer of 2023)

Linda Frizzell, School of Public Health (term expires summer 2024)

Marti DeLiema,School of Social Work (term expires summer of 2024)



Julia Drew (term expires summer of 2022)

David Van Riper (term expires summer of 2022)



Christopher Robertson, Sociology (term expires summer of 2022)