David Van Riper

Director of Spatial Analysis, Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation

I have worked at the Minnesota Population Center since 2001, when I started as a graduate research assistant on IPUMS NHGIS. I have been a full-time employee since 2005 and currently serve as Director of Spatial Analysis. In this role, I consult with MPC members on their spatial analysis needs, including project planning, data acquisition/creation/processing, and grant writing.

I am co-Principal Investigator on two NIH-funded grants: IPUMS NHGIS and IPUMS GeoMarker. IPUMS NHGIS provides access to historical and contemporary small-area data, including GIS mapping files, for the United States. IPUMS GeoMarker allows users to securely geocode data and attach neighborhood characteristics to the geocoded output.

I also work on the geographic aspects of other IPUMS products, including IPUMS USA, Historical Census Projects, IPUMS International, and IPUMS DHS.