The University of Minnesota Advanced Careers Initiative (UMAC)

UMAC is an innovative pathway for experienced professionals as they transition from career jobs into opportunities for meaningful engagement and personal/career development in a multi-generational learning community.



  • To promote the career readiness and personal development for the next stage of paid work or community engagement for Boomers in transition.
  • To leverage the time, talents, and experience of Boomers to strengthen communities in ways that mentor the next generation and promote the greater good.
  • To develop a sustainable approach to intergenerational education that can serve as a model for other universities


UMAC provides fellows with the framework, guidance, and experiential learning opportunities to smooth this transitional time, gain a sense of renewal, and set the stage for encore adults to successfully launch new careers or volunteer roles in the social sector.

Fall Semester

UMAC fellows form a learning community, participating in seminars, discussions, and projects. Fellows:

  • Sit in on lectures and seminars
  • Join undergraduate students on intergenerational projects
  • Attend colloquia offered throughout the University, offering deeper dives into topics of interest, and opportunities for multi-generational conversations
  • Connect with others in informal settings, expanding professional networks with fellows and invited guests

Spring Semester

Fellows gain practical experience through skills-based volunteering in nonprofits, where they apply their talents in new ways and expand their understanding of the social sector.

Throughout the Academic Year

Fellows have the opportunity to engage with national thought leaders about the possibilities of this new stage of adulthood—coming after the family- and career-building years—as well as to imagine possibilities for reframing their personal goals, identities, and next steps. Working within coaching circles, fellows assess interests, values, talents, and priorities, and explore ways to apply their skills and abilities to social impact work.

2017-2018 Inaugural Cohort

UMAC welcomed 10 fellows for its inaugural 2017-2018 year. Fellows bring varied backgrounds, with shared interest in social impact work.