Anna Prizment

Photo of Anna Prizment
Associate Professor

My main interest is aging and chronic diseases in population with the main focus on cancer and dementia. To conduct this research, I have been working on different population-based studies including the Iowa Women's Health Study (IWHS), Atherosclerosis Risk in Community (ARIC) study, the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), and Health and Retirement Study (HRS). I have also used IWHS-Medicare study, and planning to use ARIC cancer study linked to Medicare after we complete the linkage.

My publication and funding records reflect my interests: I have published 100+ peer-reviewed articles in well-recognized journals and have been awarded eleven competitive grants (PI) on these topics since my appointment as faculty. Recently, I have expanded my research into studying biological aging in cancer and other chronic diseases. My recently awarded NCI R01 and NIA R21 projects develop a novel aging construct — a proteomic aging clock based on the SomaScan proteomic data of 5000 proteins in ARIC and validate its performance in MESA. In the future, the proteomic aging clock may serve as a predictor of disease outcomes, as a surrogate for aging in clinical trials, and as a potential target for anti-aging medications.