The Making of African Made: Memory and Dementia Education by and for the African Immigrant Community

Picture of Dr. Manka Nkimbeng

Innovation In Aging  |  LCC Members Manka NkimbengTetyana ShippeeJoe Gaugler

  • African immigrants are a fast-growing segment of the U.S. Black population but dementia literacy and care needs are not fully understood
  • A case study identified dementia education as a high priority need in the African immigrant community in Minnesota 
  • A collaborative process between the research team and a community project advisory board developed a culturally tailored dementia education program and booklet 
  • This process could serve as a model for creating culturally tailored dementia education programs in other communities 
  • Successful implementation of the program has implications for improving dementia care among African immigrants and reducing health disparities in this population 

Watch the recording of Manka Nkimbeng's seminar on this topic.